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Mar 23 10 12:06 AM

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Has anyone tried the veggie burgers at Red Robin? If so what did you think? I looked on their website and it looks like you can substitute any of their burgers for a veggie burger. I think I may try one sometime. I love their fries!

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Oct 28 10 12:45 AM

I don't know about Red Robin, but Burger King has veggie burgers on the menu. And at Denny's restaurants, you can usually have a vegetarian Boca Burger substituted for any of the burgers on the menu. (Even though the menu often does not list that option, which I wish they would. But you can ask when you first go in, or ask the server.)  

My experience is with restaurants in the greater L.A. area, so it might be different elsewhere. Even McDonald's was offering a veggie burger in this area for a while; but that was a few years back and they've discontinued it now. 

I'm glad to hear about Red Robin. I've never eaten there before, but if they have veggie burgers then I'd like to try them out. Thanks for the tip. :) 

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