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Dec 22 09 3:46 PM

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I have been vegetarian for at least 12 years.  This includes all meat and anything that would be a byproduct of killing animals (such as geletin) or animal tested products.
I'm thinking about going pescetarian mainly for health but also because I have been sorely disappointed by options out there.  I get really angry when hungry and have had too many situations where I go to a restaurant and there is no option for me!
I'm just belaboring over the decision and need guidance.  I'm thinking I might have a really hard time eating fish as it is still a dead animal.  How/why did any of you choose to eat fish rather than other animals?  Are any of you pescetarian for compassionate reasons rather than health reasons?  I guess I'm hoping for some info on whether or not fish are killed in a cruel way or if fish can even sense what is happening.  I mean, a goldfish is supposed to have like a 3 second memory, is that true?  I think I could feel less guilty about eating fish if I knew that I wasn't hurting something . . .

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Dec 22 09 4:48 PM

Greetings catapillergirl and welcome to the pescetarian forum.

I too was a vegetarian for 2 years prior to becoming a pescetarian.  I can relate to the problem of very limited options when going to a restaurant that doesn't have vegetarian options.

My main reason for adopting a pescetarian diet is for health as well as convenience.  I've never adopted a diet for animal welfare reasons because I believe that what is best for your body is more important. 

That's my opinion on the subject.

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Dec 23 09 5:35 AM

I have been a pescetarian for 4 months now.  I decided to stop eating meat except fish for two reasons the first mainly due to health reasons as every time I ate meat I would suffer from stomach pains and the second reason is animal welfare as whenever in the past I have watched programmes where animals are suffering or being killed/slaughtered for food it has always upset me and I know it sounds harsh but seeing a fish being killed does not affect me in the same way.  I have looked up on various website as to whether fish actually do feel pain but have not read any evidence to support this so until I do will continue to eat fish, plus I feel if I went completely meat free I would not be getting all the nutrients/vitamins your body needs.  I also don't eat any products with gelatine, rennet or with any other kind of by-slaugther animal product, so by cutting these things out from my diet I do feel I am contributing towards animal welfare more than if I were to carry on eating meat.  Maybe one day I will give up eating fish as well, who knows.
But at the end of the day it is how you feel about eating fish that matters.
Hope of some help.

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Dec 31 09 2:08 PM

Fish consumption is not necessary for health.  The omega fats we get from fish are indirect, meaning that the fish consume them in plant form, then we consume the fish.  So, the decision to eat fish should not be based on the notion that they offer a benefit over a vegetarian diet (if anything, most fish are loaded with PCB's, all of which are harmful).  

You have to come to terms with where you draw the line.  Fish do feel pain, so, some people go vegetarian because this is important to them.  Some choose pescetarianism based on intelligence.  Although gold fish can be trained to ring a bell for food, fish, in general, aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.  Others draw the line at convenience and bypass intelligence or pain sensation entirely.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which of these things matter most to you.  Most pescetarians choose this life style based on convenience.  We want to play an important part in helping the environment and/or the farm animals raised for food, but do not wish to go all the way to vegetarianism.  Thus, no one here will judge you based on the reasoning behind your choice.  It is yours to make.  After all, it is you who has to deal with it on a daily basis.  

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Dec 31 09 4:26 PM

I know that the omega 3 from fish is indirect, but it is still more practical to get them from fish because it is more widely available in stores in the form of fish or fish oil pills/capsules.  It is possible to get it from the stuff that fish eat, but it is more expensive and not widely available.

Omega 3 is available from flax seeds, but it is not in a form that the body can use right away.  It has to go through a conversion process that is not very efficient for most people.  Omega 3 from fish, on the other hand, can be used by the body right away.

My main reason for adopting a pescetarian diet is for health reasons as well as convenience.  I care about animals, but I still put my health before the animals.  Thankfully, I don't see that as a problem here in this forum.

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Apr 17 12 10:23 AM

Fish get eaten naturally in the ocean. Other animals used for food are treated terribly and unnatural and born and raised in factory farms which causes intense stress to the animal. That's why I am giving up dairy soon because of how the cows are treated. 

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May 30 12 10:11 PM

I am intrigued by the diet proposed here and am learning much from your site. However, taking your own advice about verifying the source of information, i would pose a few questions:

What basis do the users have in the repeated assertions of animal cruelty in the animal agriculture industry? It would seem that the references I have read here are derived from television reports showing "downer" cows that cannot move under their own locomotion.

Which is a more cruel way to die, being killed humanely or eaten alive? It seems some of you are out of touch with the natural world. Many predators do not kill their prey before they start to eat it. Humans do.

To the original post: out of all the animals we consume, fish proboly die in the cruelest way; suffocation. Many people dont get as offended by fish death because the fish lack the gesturing ability and vocalization of other animals. They don't look like they are suffering.

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Jul 30 12 1:16 PM

There! All examples of crueltyin the livestock industry. Look and believe us! I don't like people who disbelieve people just because they want to eat meat when they don't need to.

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