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Nov 16 09 9:24 PM

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What are some of everyone's traditions for thanksgiving and christmas? I love to hear how everyone else spends their holidays!!!!

We always have a coffee cake for breakfast on thanksgiving and christmas (sometimes i color it!!!)

Santa always wraps everything and is under the tree in the morning... and puts oranges and apples in our stocking...w/ a ton of candy and small presents!!!

We open 1 present each on christmas eve....

there are just a few of mine... tell me how ya'll do christmas!!!

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Nov 16 09 10:16 PM

Lets see, for Thanksgiving, we get up and watch the parade while drinking our coffee or tea and going through the ads in the paper :D.  We usually get the meal started early and serve during half time...habit from my childhood.  Afterwards, we sit outside enjoying the ocean breeze and eating pie then take a walk on the beach to walk off all that stuffing.  If the weather is nice enough, we try to go swimming that evening.

On Christmas Eve, we always grill something...usually Jerk Shrimp.  After dinner, we get on our bikes and ride around the island looking at all the decorations.  Christmas morning, we have a delicious breakfast casserole, Welsh Rarebit and Cinnamon buns while we open presents.  We make the rounds to go see family in the early afternoon...  then off to the beach! We make a sandman and decorate him with seashells and try to take our anuual "gloat picture". 

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Nov 20 09 8:41 AM

Pescetarian.. I could not find where you are from again? sorry...
I always wondered what people at the beach do for christmas. I mean, i wake up in georgia and *hope* to wake up w/ a white christmas... So aggravating it is still 70 degrees in November!!!! 

Do you have kids? You must post ur beach pictures!!! so sweet!!

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Nov 28 09 9:00 PM

Hiya Crowea!  Nope, no human children, just our animals. Its a combination of me not having the ability to have kids and us not wanting any , anyway.

 I'm actually on Florida's barrier island.  It got pretty chilly this weekend, but it should be back up to 80 on Monday. Because I live on the beach even when it gets real cold in the interior of the state, we stay pretty temperate out here.  My DH put up our outside decorations already.  I celebrate Yule and my DH celebrates Festivus, lol.  We always decorate the way we did as kids though.

Tomorrow, we're putting up the tree and I will be baking cookies galore!  Then, we're going to watch Christmas of my favorite holiday movies :D

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Mar 20 12 1:55 PM

We are Jewish faith so we celebrate Hanukkah. We have a shiny silver menorah. We eat no different to the rest of the year but we have lovely desserts mostly pancakes and eat lots of chocolates lol. We exchange presents the same as Christmas etc.

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