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Sep 28 09 6:09 PM

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I know we all have our reasons for being here, and for becoming pesces.  I'm really curious to know your stories; feel free to share as much or as little as you like.  There are so many varied reasons to live a pescetarian lifestyle.  What is yours?  Thanks in advance for talking to me.  Cheers!

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Sep 30 09 1:45 AM

Mine is a combo of reasons.  I could no longer combine the two aspects of love of all animals and my eating their dead carcasses.  I tended to think of meat in its grocery store form, rather than its living (or rather dying) state.  Lets face it, its not like meat nowadays is very good for us with all the additives and steroids anyway.  One of the other reasons is health.  I am pretty sure eating the muscle and fat of another mammal isn't going to help me in my pursuit to look like a supermodelgrin, but seriously, it really doesn't help me feel better.

I continue to eat fish because I enjoy seafood and think fish and shellfish are lower on the food chain (also are more related to bugs than mammals), and fish are high in omega-3.  Its not like I eat seafood at every meal as some vegetarians and omnis seem to think.  My diet is primarily vegetarian, but I supplement it with seafood.

*glancing around to make sure no vegetarians heard me get dangerously close to referring to myself as a vegetarian who eats fish*, ROFLMAO.  On a side note, I feel so much better and though I haven't lost a ton of weight, I Feel lighter and look less bloated.

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Oct 1 09 7:13 PM

I went to see a friend who raises animals on her farm.  I asked what happens to the animals.  I really shouldn't have.  I couldn't stop thinking about what I was eating after that.


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Oct 2 09 10:15 AM

I started on a dare.  I was a meat and potatoes kinda guy. It was so easy to do and there are so many choices of food out there, I just never went back.  Now, its more about humanity than anything but it doesn't hurt that I've never felt betterdevil

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Oct 5 09 12:34 PM

Thank you for your responses!  I'm still new to the world of pesce--it's been about two and a half weeks for me now--and even though I planned to only do it for five weeks to see how well I adjusted, I have decided to stick with it.  It's been such an easy transition, and like blueberry, I was all about my meat and potatoes, so I can't believe how little I have missed eating meat and poultry.  My husband and I have always eaten steak on Sunday nights, as kind of a treat before starting the work week again.  The first Sunday he made his steak and I made this delicious stir-fry and tofu dish.  He ate more of my meal than his own steak!  And yesterday he made shrimp and pasta and skipped the steak altogether.  I don't think he'll ever go completely pesce, but I do feel like he has cut way back on his meat-eating and our whole family will ultimately be healthier for it.

I grew up in a rural area and being a pescetarian or vegetarian was unheard of.  My heart would get shattered year after year, when my friends would raise lambs or calves or piglets as pets, and I would help take care of them, only to see them take the animals to the fair and sell them for the meat.  I tried to be a veggie several times, but no one in my family supported it, and it was really difficult to get ahold of the food I needed.

Now I live in a city where there are amazing resources and support networks, and I feel really fortunate to be here and trying it again.  I decided on pesce instead of veggie for the same reasons as many of you--I view them as closer to insects on the food chain.  Additionally, I have some problems with anemia, and I like having the option of adding seafood to my diet a few times a week to amp up my protein.

Anyhow, sorry for the long post.  I'm home with a stomach bug today, and I'm starting to feel a little better.  Just enough to be bored and lonely, with no one to talk to.  Cheers!

truth, justice, and the pescetarian way.

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Oct 7 09 6:32 AM

I'm working on 3 months of being a pesectarian! I am so excited!!
 I had said i wanted to be a vegetarian, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Then a friend of mine told me she and her boyfriend are pescetarian and eat seafood. I talked to her about it, had a lot of questions and looked a lot up on the internet.
I like you live in a small town, I get ridiculed on a regular basis.  But I am standing up for what i believe in for myself. Other people can eat meat if they want, but sometimes when i smell it cooking, i get a little sick.
I feel so much better and never 'hate myself' after eating, like i would on a regular basis when i would eat red meat.

supernan, that is great about your husband! maybe he'll live longer and not clog his arteries w/ so much meat anymore!!!

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Oct 9 09 5:32 AM

I'm small town as well, and, really, the ridicule will stop after about a year.  :)

My reasons are a bit of a blur.  Really, they had to do with my excuses for eating meat dissappearing.  I liked meat, thought animals died and went to heaven (which would be a whole lot better than factory farm life), and a myriad of other excuses.

First, I stopped eating most poultry (with the exception of Thanksgiving turkey and asian food) after my job at Chick-fil-a.  About six months after that, I started a cat dissection in my anatomy class, and couldn't eat meat without thinking of that dead cat (again, except for asian food, where it was mixed in with other stuff).  Around the same time, I found out that most other Christians did not believe animals had a soul or went to heaven, so that put me off of eating animals, as well as put me off Christianity.  I gradually stopped believing in the Christian (Jewish and Muslim) god altogether, and since New Years, 2007, I haven't eaten any meat (on purpose, at least).

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Oct 16 09 9:03 AM

I began a journey, about a year and a half ago, where my goal was to love me just as I was in order to be a better role model for my young daughter; to redefine beauty for myself and my daughter. As a result of that process I found that I was becoming more aware and careful of the things/chemicals/products that I was using on my hair and skin and the awareness of what I was putting IN my body was a natural progression. My products became more natural and organic and my food choices made the switch as well. 

I "Googled" vegetarianism and learned (surprisingly) that there were "levels." Being anemic and a chocoholic I chose the "level" that seemed to be most in line with my life and my intent and purpose.  I have strayed from my initial decision, but am now back to stay!

I hope to learn a lot from you all. I'm very grateful to know have a support system.

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." ~Attributed to both Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok

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Dec 21 09 7:46 AM

First off, I'm a teenager, and my whole young life, I've never exactly loved meat. So about a year and a half ago, I began drifting away from it completely without even thinking about it. Suddenly, turkey cold-cuts (the only cold-cuts I would eat) didn't appeal to me anymore, I got picky with how my burger was cooked, pork was exceptionally nasty, etc. I was always fine with seafood, however.

Then I discovered that most meat-animals are pumped full of disgusting hormones and chemicals that are transferred to whoever eats them. That was a huge con of eating land animals. I also found out how they are treated in factory farms. (Organic meat I am ok with, and luckily because of a condition my little brother has, most of the time my family tries to be organic. To make it easier on myself I decided to just drop all meat besides fish.) Fish, however, are caught most of the time, and in my mind, they are much lower on the food-chain than cows, pigs, and chickens.

And if all this wasn't enough to convince me, I learned the horrible truth about gelatin. -shiver- Gross.

Veggie burgers are also much tastier than regular burgers. ;P

So I've been pescetarian since June of 2008 and I am loving it! My New Year's Resolution is gonna be to keep better track of my gelatin intake... did anyone know that Yoplait yogurt has beef-derived gelatin in it?! 

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Dec 21 09 10:46 PM

I've been a pescetarian for 2 days now. I did it because 1) I don't like the conditions that animals that are to be slaughtered are kept in and 2) I wanted to eat healthier.

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Jan 13 10 9:20 AM

holy crap!!! beef-derived gelatin!?!?!?!? that is insane!!! Are there gelatins that aren't derived from animals? I am struggling with the gelatin situations as well. I mean, its in marshmellows, jello..yogurt... stuff like that. I just don't know the if it is all derived from animals or not? little help?

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May 14 10 5:57 AM

I've been a pescetarian for about a month now.....and it's going so well!!!! I haven't craved meat AT ALL, and I've had the chance to try other foods I wouldn't have thought of while being a meat-eater :P

I wanted to be a pescetarian when I was 15 (I'm 16 now), but my parents claimed I was TOOO fussy and didn't let me convert... :(    I became a pescetarian because my Religious Studies teacher showed the class horrible videos of how animals are treated, and the conditions they live in, which put me right off! Also, I don't like the fact of eating animals for food, as they have every right to live, just like us... :)

I WAS going to be a vegetarian, but it was suggested I become a pescetarian so my body doesn't lack Iron or other nutrients essential to my body (since I'm 16 and still growing)...

I couldn't believe to find that those Natural Confectionary Company Jelly sweets have gelatin in them!! What the hell?!!? I thought they were supposed to be 'NATURAL'????

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#12 [url]

May 14 10 3:47 PM

Hi lordpesce and welcome to the Pescetarians Forum!

"Natural" simply means that the source is not synthetic or man-made.  It doesn't mean that it comes from a plant source.  So even things from animal sources can be counted as natural.

I support your wise decision to go pescetarian.  It is a very healthy diet as well as very tasty.  It is also more convenient than a vegetarian diet since fish is a universal alternative to red meat and poultry while tofu, as much as I like it, is not universal.

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Feb 16 14 3:53 AM

Well, my family would eat meat everyday : there wasn't a single day without "meat", I just couldn't anymore. Right now, the idea of eating meat disguts me. I was always fond of fish and sea food, so it wasn't hard for me to become a pescetarian ! Plus, I went on a diet so I stopped eating meat suddenly but I never wanted to eat it again. I don't miss the taste of meat, not at all :)
Moreover, I once watched a corrida... I wish I never did : seeing six poor bulls getting killed and only being able to watch them dying with all the people around me applauding, .... such a trauma. I'm against it, but I don't look for a fight with spanish people who are for corridas, okay ? ^^' Those bulls were crying, one sat down because he was tired and didn't want to run but a toréador ( bullfighter ) just pulled his tail to bring him on his legs. It made me cry and the memory of it still makes me cringe.
Principally for those reasons and for others which are less important, I became a pescetarian. At first, I didn't even know " Pescedarism " existed, for me it was just a personnal resolution. Then I discovered that other people did the same and, well, it's great to put a name on this decision !

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May 4 14 8:15 AM

Hi! I've been eating a vegan diet for almost a year, and before that I was vegetarian for several years. Now, I've begun training for my first half marathon and I bought a road bike, on which I ride about 70-80 miles a week. It's been difficult to consume enough daily calories without adding in lots of fat or eating copious amounts of food. I'm not content with my protein sources, as most of the concentrated sources were processed items, like tofu and other soy-based products. I also am not comfortable with the amount of soy I was ingesting - too much controversy and debate over the repercussions. ALSO...I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and he occasionally eats meat. Since I do really enjoy seafood, and he does too, and we enjoy cooking together...I've decided to meet in the middle, for my health and our mutual enjoyment, and go back to a pescatarian diet. I had my first pesca meal last night...she crab soup, caprese salad (omg nom nom nom...) with grilled shrimp, and yes I splurged and shared Reese's peanut butter pie with the bf. I expected some tummy upset due to the re-addition of dairy, but I was just fine. :) I look forward to chatting with you all. Have a wonderful, productive Sunday! :)

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