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Sep 28 09 6:59 AM

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this forum looked all empty so thought i'd post a picture.  stuff like this is why i can't eat furry or feathered animals anymore:

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Jun 29 10 11:09 AM

this picture I did take, though...

Sully, sound asleep in my blanket on the couch.  I almost sat on him before El Hubbito saw his tail.  I flipped up the corner of the blanket and he didn't even wake.

and this one...

This is Syd, our jack russell mix, being his usual goofy self

this one too!

Ah, my morning serenade.  every morning.  isn't he beautiful?  he and the missus made a nest, and now I have tiny lil serenades every morning!

Dunno if you can see him, the pic came kinda dark.  but, I share my lettuce with this guy...and his friends

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