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May 4 14 8:13 AM

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Hi!  I've been eating a vegan diet for almost a year, and before that I was vegetarian for several years.  Now, I've begun training for my first half marathon and I bought a road bike, on which I ride about 70-80 miles a week.  It's been difficult to consume enough daily calories without adding in lots of fat or eating copious amounts of food.  I'm not content with my protein sources, as most of the concentrated sources were processed items, like tofu and other soy-based products.  I also am not comfortable with the amount of soy I was ingesting - too much controversy and debate over the repercussions.  ALSO...I have recently moved in with my boyfriend and he occasionally eats meat.  Since I do really enjoy seafood, and he does too, and we enjoy cooking together...I've decided to meet in the middle, for my health and our mutual enjoyment, and go back to a pescetarian diet.  I had my first pesce meal last night...she crab soup, caprese salad (omg nom nom nom...) with grilled shrimp, and yes I splurged and shared Reese's peanut butter pie with the bf.  I expected some tummy upset due to the re-addition of dairy, but I was just fine.  :)  I look forward to chatting with you all.  Have a wonderful, productive Sunday!  :)
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